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Wedding Woes: The WORST Fights That Broke Out Between A Bride and Her Bridesmaid
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If you were ever a bridesmaid: what's the worst fight you had between you and the bride?

She wanted me to dye my hair so she'd be the only blonde in the wedding.
 I was the flower girl for my Aunty wedding she made me wear 5 inch heals I was 9 at the time and then argued with my 
mum about my earrings because she wanted me to wear a pair that hurt my ears
I've only been one once and I honestly gave in to all her requests except one... I asked for straps on my dress cause I need support  (luckily there was no fights over it), but damn was she demanding!
I ended up being in the mental health unit two weeks before the wedding, on the day I got in, the bride called and wanted me to do a rehearsal hair do
Not really a fight but I kept buying/returning dresses, she didn't like ANY of the ones I could find that were pink. I was her only friend that showed- and all I wanted to do was leave.
I was her maid of honor and I spent more money on her wedding than she did. Her parents paid for everything.