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Heartbreakers Confess: The Meanest Way I Dumped Someone
The content below was sourced from real posts on the Whisper app, the largest online community where people anonymously share real thoughts and feelings. Join the community to continue the conversation today. Ending a relationship is never fun, even when it's your own choice. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings and opinions, but sometimes people have some crazy feelings! These heartbreakers admit to dumping one of their exes in the meanest of all ways. To see what actually happened, read these painfully honest confessions below.

Cold as ice.

I left divorce papers on the kitchen table and took my stuff. My wife thought we were robbed. She called frantic until I asked her to look at the papers on the table...


I dumped my ex at my sister's wedding...which was 6 hours out of town for he and I. I probably did that the wrong way.

Karma truly is a dish served cold!

She cheated on me. So in middle of the night I discreetly packed her things, put them outside and woke her up telling her there's an emergency. The second she walked outside I locked the door. Case closed.

A good example for when a white lie may be best....

I dumped a dude I used to date because his daughter was too annoying.

I probably should have lied about that one and not actually told him he had an annoying daughter.

The first cut is always the deepest.

I was going to break up with this guy after a month but he asked me to homecoming and I felt like I had to say yes. I broke up with him the day after (text) which happened to be our 2 month anniversary.

True, but...

I once broke up with a girl and hour after she gave me a Valentine's Day gift. To my defense, is there ever a good time to dump someone??