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The Dumbest Reasons Employees Got In Trouble At Work
There's no doubt that getting in trouble at work is one of the worst feelings, but if it's a legitimate reason then what can you do? However the experience is that much more frustrating when the reason is nothing short of dumb. These employees reveal the ridiculous reasons why they got a slap on the wrist from their bosses. These confessions will have you saying WTF...

A doctor's note doesn't always do the trick.

My prosthetic foot broke and I got in trouble because my work didn't accept my doctor's note. I can't do my job with just one leg!!


Had a minor seizure at work and was forced to work through it, my arm was shaking uncontrollably and I got in trouble because "people were worried"


I got in trouble at work because I'm a female and I wear men's deodorant...


I told my boss about the hard time I've been having with my manager not doing his job. Turns out, I got in trouble because while I was gone he didn’t work. I don't know what to do anymore.

Great advice.

Walked out on work because I got in trouble for having a flash back.... I was told to simply not have them

What were they thinking?

I got in trouble because my boss scheduled me to work until midnight... I'm a minor. How is it my fault?