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17 Awful Realities Of Being Trans But Not Being Able To Transition
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It's an awful feeling.

I can't transition until I've moved out. It's gotten so bad that I can't talk or be around people. I get panic attacks on a near daily basis. I don't want other trans kids going through this too.


I'm mtf. I used to have prostate cancer and have to be on testosterone treatment to keep it from coming back so I can't transition. It's awful.

You can't seem to find support.

I'm trans and not supported by my family. I can't transition and I'm extremely depressed. My therapist won't help because she's clueless.

It makes dating a challenge.

I'm a trans guy and I'm scared. I have depression and anxiety. I want someone to love but they freak out when they find out in trans. I can't transition yet.

So confusing.

It's a weird feeling being a trans guy who can't transition due to medical reasons :/

Other people's reactions don't help.

I find it really difficult to be out as a trans man since I can't transition. Feels like most people don't take my gender seriously.