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Medical Assistants Get Real About Their Jobs, Lives And Opinions
Medical assistant's have an important job. Their support, to a physician usually, ensures that every patient gets exactly what they are needing when it comes to healthcare. If you have ever wondered what goes on beyond the curtains or are curious to have this professions yourself, these confessions will be sure to open your mind on what exactly happens on the job.


I'm a medical assistant at a family practice and I show up to work blazed everyday and do a great job drawing blood.

Guess there are far worse ways to lose your job...

I got fired from my medical assistant job because they found out me and the triage receptionist were having sex in all the rooms. What can I do but laugh ...

The more you know...

"Look at me I started medical assistant classes and suddenly I diagnose everyone in my head"

Story of my life.

Some journeys aren't for everyone.

I regret signing up for a medical assistant program now I owe thousands of dollars for nothing.

The struggle is real.

My work makes us work so much for the little that we get paid. Medical assistant life.
Hopefully new opportunities in the way.

Finding a job isn't always easy.

I'm trying to get a job as a Medical Assistant. I have a certification and am done with school. I just don't have the experience and am having a hard time finding a job. I'm losing motivation.