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16 Men Confess That They Used To Be Total Players
Relationships aren't for everyone. In fact, some dudes go out of their way to avoid them and hook up with multiple women. Some call it "sowing your wild oats" while others call it being a player. Players are easy to spot and women know not to trust a ladies man type. These men admit they used to be players and broke a lot of hearts along the way. Now they have left it all in the past. These confessions show what life is life after you leave the player lifestyle in the past.

What goes around comes around.

I used to be a player. I was hopping from girl to girl, using them. Then I fell in love. It's been 4 years and I'm still not over her. My life has come to a complete halt. I probably deserve it though.

Cave Creek, Arizona, US

The right one can change it all.

I used to bounce from girl to girl. Then I met a girl who I have really fallen for. She's motivated me to change my ways and be so damn loyal to her. She doesn't know this.
I want to marry her one day.


People don't forget so easily.

It's sucks when you used to be a "player" and didn't take relationships serious. However, now that I'm actually looking for love nobody believes me and doesn't want to date me

Hesperia, California, US


I was a total player when I was younger, but the best sex I've ever had is with my wife. It keeps getting better every time.

Redding, California, US

Looks like old habits die hard.

I used to be a total ladies man,  so it's hard not to flirt with girls now that I'm married.


Karma works in mysterious ways.

I used to be a player, but now I fell for one girl and I couldn't see myself with anybody else but he. Sadly, now she's finished with me! Is it karma?

Birmingham, England, GB