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People Reveal The Crazy Threat They Received From Their Family Members
Our family has a way of getting under our skin like no one else can. Family feuds are common in every household, but some people sure take fights to the next level. These people were threatened by their family for the craziest reasons. Read on to find out what they simply couldn't compromise on.

Rolling the dice.

My family legitimately threatened to disown me if I adopted a pit bull. Guess who filled out an application for a beautiful pit bull this morning :)

Sorry, is it 1950 still?

I am in love with a black man. My sister says she will not have a relationship with me if I keep dating him. She says she doesn't wanted to see my "half breed" children.

So upsetting.

I want to start hormones. I'm ready to transition. However, my family threatened to never speak to me again if I start.


My sister said if I'm pregnant at her wedding it will ruin our relationship.

Way to overstep boundaries.

My father visited my apartment a few days ago when I got sick. He threatened to kick me out of my own apartment until my room was clean. Not safe in my own place. WTF.


My brother threatened to tell my grandfather that I swing both ways. He's so petty.