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21 Real-Life Dating Experiences Of Transgender Individuals
What are the dating experiences of transgender individuals? While dating alone is a struggle for people in general, when you're a transgender man or woman, the dating world can be even trickier to navigate. Here, 21 transgender people open up about their real-life encounters with dating. Find out what they go through in these honest confessions.

I like trading nudes, but I'm primarily attracted to women... And as a mtf pre-op trans, I'm almost exclusively hit on by gay or bi men :/
When everything seems beautiful and you start catching feelings. But then you realize you might have been played yet again. Dating as a trans person seems nearly impossible.
I want to find a real woman who can accept me as a mtf crossdresser. I don't know if I will ever have the courage to go through transition.
I don't think I'll ever find someone who loves me as a Ftm. I feel like it's impossible.
If you open a conversation with "You're mtf? Have you had bottom surgery?" I'm instantly turned off. Most trans girls hate their genitals. That's why we're trans.
It's funny how many people don't realize that trans people just look like human beings. There's a fair chance that you've hit on a trans person without realizing it.