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How Do You Deal When Your Boss Has Bad Hygiene Habits?
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Strange combination.

My boss is so gnarly. His office smells like McDonald's and farts.

Step away, please.

My boss smells rank at the beginning of the day and doesn't seem to know what personal space is.


I just heard my boss fart in his office... and then he called me in to “talk” and it smells like a poop in here. I can barely breathe in this stank!

Sounds terrible.

Working with my boss today. She chews like a cow and smells like grapefruit. It's the worst.

Hold your breath.

I love my boss to death, but when I walk into her home it smells like dirty diapers. She has a baby and works a lot, so I get it, and her Home isn’t dirty, but you can tell there’s a baby

Everyone has their own beliefs.

I'm pretty sure my boss doesn't believe in taking showers. She smells like old feet and sweat.