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16 Criminals Reveal What Happened When They Violated Their Probation
Probation is a gift for those who disobey the law. It's a grace period where you are free to live your life and avoid jail, with terms and regulations to keep you on track. For those that violate their probation, it requires a visit to court and often results in jail time. These offenders get real about violating their probation. These confessions will remind you that everything has consequences.

Owning up is never easy.

I have to self surrender later because I violated my probation. I just had a last meal of sorts. Its mocking me.

A very sad truth.

I'm facing 6 months of jail for violating my probation by drinking alcohol. Sexual assault is SO much worse than me having a couple shots. It makes me sick when I know these creeps aren't punished nearly as bad.

Sometimes when it rains, it pours.

I just violated my probation for trespassing. This weekend I got a dui. I really hate myself right now.

Living on the edge, indeed.

It's been an epic week. I failed my drug test, violated my probation and skipped my court date.
I'm living the life though.


I violated probation with a expired inspection sticker ticket. I have 4 kids and am at a loss on where to tell them I'll be for 30 days.

Mistakes happen.

My mom has no idea that I violated probation. I'm a horrible person.