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Salon Secrets: What Manicurists Really Think About Their Customers
Have you ever wondered what your manicurist is thinking while working on your hands and feet? You may not be able to read people's minds, but these 19 manicurists are here to spill their salon secrets. From unsanitary habits to gross customer encounters, there's a lot more that goes down at salons than meets the eye. Here's what they had to say.

If you think they are, they probably are...

I work at a nail spa and we do talk crap in Vietnamese. Just being honest...

The horror.

I'm a manicurist at a nice nail salon. One time I was giving my customer a pedicure and saw a flea between her toes.

Oh hell no.

I work at a nail salon and I dread when people ask for a pedicure because I don't like touching stinky old man feet!!!!!!


I like to sniff the stuff scraped out from under toenails. I work in a nail salon.


I work in a nail salon and when people are rude to me I purposely cut their nails in a way that I know they'll grow an ingrown nail! 

Men do work at nail salons.

I'm a guy and I work at a nail salon. Women request that I not work on their nails which is annoying because I went to school for this stuff.