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17 Petty Things Employees Have Done Or Said To A Customer
Customer service isn't easy when the customers are being jerks. Anyone who has worked with the public knows this to be true. So how do the baristas, cashiers and bartenders make it through their shifts when they are dodging shade all day? These people have reverted to petty behavior to feel a tinge of relief towards the rude people of the world. These confessions show that sometimes you just want to fight fire with fire.


Older lady came in the store I work at and let her granddaughter call me ugly and fat. So I told the girl I was her from from future. She proceeded to cry.

When life gives you a bowl of lemons...

I'm a waitress. Someone asked for extra lemons for their water so I gave them 4 instead of 2. They asked for more so I got a bowl and filled it with like 12 lemons and walked away. #Shade

Cold as ice!

I once told a customer, "You should be careful how you treat people. As old as you are, you already got one foot in the grave. Plus I heard hell is pretty hot."


I once put broken security tags in a customer's bag so it would leak on their new clothes. My boss wasn't very happy with me...

It pays to be nice.

There are certain loopholes with breads and sauces at my cafe. When they're polite, I take advantage of the loopholes and make sure that they aren't charged. When they're rude, I charge EVERYTHING.


I once emptied my diva cup into a customer's chunky pizza sauce. Trust me, they had it coming!