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17 Disasters That Happened When Couples Talked About Their Futures Together
When you decide to date someone, there's really only two possibilities, you either break up eventually, or you get married. Therefore, it's only natural to want to talk to your partner as the relationship progresses to gauge where they stand when it comes to your future plans together. Sometimes you assume that you're on the same page only to be shot down. While sometimes the answer you receive after asking about the future isn't what you wanted to hear, it's still important to have these conversations so that you can decide whether or not it is worth it to you to stay.


I asked my boyfriend if he thinks we have a future together. He just told me to shush and didn't answer. Did I just get my answer? 😪

East Hampstead, New Hampshire, US

Sometimes it's always a one sided conversation.

I asked my boyfriend if we will ever get married and he says he doesn't know. I don't know if I should stick around anymore because I'm the only one who ever talks about a future.

Imperial Beach, California, US

Their own insecurities might be holding them back.

I kinda disappointed when my boyfriend said he dont think about future with me and I asked why he said, "Cause you might cheat on me." But im not that type of girl. Im type of serious one.. :(

Sylmar, Los Angeles, US

That's rather extreme.

My boyfriend just called me psychotic and bipolar because after three and a half years I asked if he wanted a future.

Mason, Ohio, US

Five years is a long time to not be thinking about it.

I asked my girlfriend if we can move in together after college and she said "Honestly , I never really thought about our future together." That really killed me. We've been together 5 years already 😔

Church Rock, New Mexico, US

Many people are terrified of planning ahead in case something doesn't work out.

My GF asked me not to make plans of future with her...apparently she gets scared...does this mean she doesn't see me in her future?!