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Interns Tell All: Scandalous Confessions and Juicy Hookups
Normally, an intern might go on coffee runs, organize files, and answer the phone on occasion. But not in this case! These interns reveal what truly happens behind the scenes of a normal work day. You will never think of interning the same after reading these 20 confessions.

That's gotta hurt.

During my internship I placed a urinary catheter wrongly. I still remember the patient's face....

Gotta do what you gotta do.

My mom thought I was at camp all summer, but I never went. I got a fashion internship and was too scared to tell her because she wants me to be a doctor.

Impressive AF.

I just landed an internship at a leading PR firm in Manhattan. 

I was drunk during the interview...

Hot damn!

When I was an intern, it was part my job to hire escorts for my boss...I knew all of his preferences and would order girls for him...he was a Federal Judge.

Playing the cards right.

When I see former classmates out in public I tell them that I work for a fancy law firm so they think I'm successful. It's really just an internship.

Instant promotion?

Had sex with the boss
Now have a job as her assistant.