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These Confessions Prove That Being A Germaphobe Is No Walk In The Park
Germaphobes are people with an irrational fear of germs and an obsession with staying clean. This is more than an extreme preference. This condition can really throw a wrench in your life, as these confessions show. Read on to see how everyday life is effected when your ultimate goal is to fight off the germs and stay as clean as possible. It's more than carrying around extra hand sanitizer.

It can make romance difficult.

I wish I wasn’t such a germophobe. I fear I’ll hate kissing because the idea of someone’s spit in my mouth sounds disgusting, but it sounds nice to be close with someone like that.

Lorain, Pennsylvania, US

One person's dream come true is another person's nightmare.

Disneyland is NOT the happiest place on earth for me. I'm an extreme germophobe and the place makes me so anxious. I hate going with my family.

Corona, California, US

Pretty sure you're okay if you're not in the bathroom with her.

TMI but.... I'm having a panic attack because my mom is having explosive diarrhea and I'm a germophobe. I feel like I need to bleach the WHOLE HOUSE!!! HELP!!!!

San Antonio, Texas, US

Religion can't save you from germs.

Church is just the worst. Everybody wants to talk & shake hands & that's just a nightmare for an introverted germophobe. I feel bad b/c I was raised in church but I just can't bring myself to go.

Arlington, Texas, US

Makes sense.

I'm a germophobe, and I'm a 26 year old virgin because of it.


It's all about the small victories in life.

I did the dishes for my first time today after being a germophobe for years I'm so proud of myself!

Stallings, North Carolina, US