The temptation is real.

Pride month is the hardest month to stay in the closet with all the gay ass tweets I have to resist retweeting!

It's never too late to turn it around.

You know what I hate about the Pride Month?  All happy couples are posting their pride pics and Im forever alone + stuck in the closet only with video games and anime to make me forget about it...

Sounds like they may know your secret.

I went to a pride event with my parents and they bought a flag and bracelets for all of us and they were just really enjoying it in general.

I'm still closeted

For some it's far too risky.

I really want to attend the pride parade, but I am scared of running into people from school. Hardly anyone knows I am gay and I am unsure when I actually want to change that.

So unfortunate.

Seeing all of these lovely LGBTQ+ people celebrating pride month is great. 
I just wish I could be there with them. 
I'm a closeted girl in a very homophobic family/area.

You can do it!

The last few years I celebrated pride all alone in my apartment because I am not out yet. I hope I have the courage to actually go out and join my people this year...