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Does The Biggest Wedding #FAIL You Ever Witnessed Top Any Of These?
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Went to a wedding this weekend and the bride mispronounced the groom's name during vows. No lie. 😳

What's the biggest fail you've witnessed at a wedding?
The bride fell off of the balcony into the swimming pool...
The father of the groom forgot the brides (my stepsister) name during the prayer. I laughed really loud and dad smack me and then laughed. The dirty looks I got haunt me still... kinda
OMG LMFAO. Mine was when I was a flower girl and I threw flowers on the couple then sat on the floor behind the bridesmaids.
 I tripped and fell on top of the photographer and there was a horrible domino effect till the lights and camera ppl and the lights all went off, 300+ people fumbling around in the dark in a huge hall
@ my ex's brothers wedding his mom was spacebaggin boxed wine & got so fucked up she fell asleep on a bench before the ceremony even started! When she woke up she tried to fight 3 people...