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My Ex Is Way Hotter Than My Current Partner
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The temptation is definitely there.

I hate that my ex-boyfriend is hotter than my current. Every time I see him, I think about cheating...

You just can't stop.

I still use my ex girlfriend's pics. I can't help it if she is hotter than my current girlfriend.

FML is right.

My ex is hotter than my girlfriend 


That's all that matters.

My ex is considered more attractive than my current boyfriend but honestly, I'm attracted way more to my current boyfriend and I feel so much happier and I love our relationship and I don't care if people point out my ex is "hotter"

Simple as that.

I think my ex boyfriend is hotter than my current boyfriend

Uh oh.

My ex is hotter and better at everything than my current gf and wants to get back together