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18 People Reveal The Most Priceless Things They've Lost
Everyone has at least one object that holds some sentimental value for them. While the object may not seem important to others and may not hold much monetary value, it's still something that you hold dear to your heart. So what do you do when you lose that important object? These people share the raw feelings they experienced after losing sentimental objects. Here's what they had to say.

Nothing can replace sentimental value, which is why it hurts so much to lose those pieces.

Someone stole the package that had my dead dad's fishing rod in it. Insurance can't pay for the sentimental value of it... Can't believe someone would take that.

Aurora, Colorado, US

Disappointing your grandparents is one of life's truly sad moments.

For my graduation, my grandpa gave me a ring of my birthstone and diamonds. Someone stole it after I left it in a changing room. The look on his face when I told him I lost it...ugh. Never want to see that look again.


Losing a beloved pet is one of life's most painful experiences.

My laptop was stolen over Christmas break. I am only sad because it had tons of irreplaceable photos of my dog that had just passed.

Carey, Ohio, US

It's painful to lose something that you gave you memories of someone else.

My bicycle was stolen. It is very sentimental and belonged to my brother who died from a drunk driver. I just want it back, I wouldn't even call the police if they just return it.

Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Rarely do thieves realize the impact the theft will have on the victim.

I am moving to a new state and my moving truck was stolen from my hotel. So much of it is irreplaceable. The ashes of my bird and dog were in there. I loved them. This world makes me sick.


You can't help what you cherish.

I had cancer as a kid and lost all of my hair during chemo. 
I feel shallow about how much sentimental value my hair has to me now.