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19 Employees Their Biggest Customer Service Pet Peeves
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Server does not mean servant.

I hate when I'm working and a customer treats me like a servant rather than someone selling them something.

Do your part.

When customers leave a basket on the counter it really annoys me. At Petsmart, people throw huge bags of dog food on the conveyer & I need to move them for the next customer--but I can't if they won't put the basket back!

Patience is a virtue.

It annoys me so much when I tell customers that they need to hold their card on the card machine because it’s slow... Then they proceed to tap it furiously wondering why it’s not working.

There's a time and a place for play.

When customers let their kids run wild, it drives me crazy.

Good question.

When people come in minutes before you close, it's so rude. Are you aware that we're closing, and have to stay for as long as you're there for?

Please just don't.

It's so gross when customers start pulling sweaty, smelly cash out of their bra. I really hate that one.