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Men Confess How They Really Feel About Ladies With Hairy Underarms
Body hair is natural and everyone has it. However, society historically has encouraged the ladies to keep it smooth. This pertains to many places including their underarms. With recent movements against body standards, some women are ditching the razor and letting their armpit hair grow freely. Although most people can agree that it's your body and your choice, some men have some pretty polarizing opinions on it. Curious much? These confessions show how men really feel about the all natural look.


As a man, I personally feel that if you feel like women need to share their armpits then you aren't a real man. Who cares?


I love hair everywhere. Especially armpits. Much love for the natural ladies.

No wiggle room here.

I’m a man and I shave my armpits because armpit hair and smells are gross. I want my girlfriend to do the same.
I don’t give a crap if you feel free. Feel free in a less stinky way, please.

Oh my!

I am VERY turned on by women with hairy armpits. I dig that natural look and feel. I also think our "beauty standards are BS.

Not game.

Man here. I think men and women should shave their legs, armpits, and pubic hair. Body hair just seems gross to me. I know it's natural, but something in my head tells me it's not.

Everyone has their own preferences.

Hairy legs and armpits on a woman are natural and all but that crap is still gross to me! Sorry that I want my gf to be smooth.