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Thinking Of Joining A Fraternity? Find Out What Rush Is Like First
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It's not always convenient.

Fraternity logic: "let's make rush week the same week people need to study for midterms"

Breaking boundaries.

I’m a trans guy and this next week I’m rushing a non-Greek fraternity and I’m excited and scared. I’ll be the first trans man at my university to join a frat.

There are other perks.

Finally rushing a fraternity and actually able to control my lust drive around all the gorgeous men. Just brothers is so much better

Will it happen?

I'm rushing a fraternity and I'm crazy scared to be hazed

It's not for everyone.

Rushing a fraternity was a horrible idea for someone like me who absolutely hated beer and couldn’t even take a sip of it without gagging

The experience can bring up some insecurities.

I want to rush a fraternity but I'm ftm transgender and some
of the hazing would just make my dysphoria and depression worse...... Let alone the shit my brothers would give me for being trans