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17 Shocking Things Victoria's Secret Employees Wish Customers Knew
Behind the madness that is Victoria's Secret, there are things that go on behind the scenes that only employees know about. Now, those staff members are spilling what they've experienced on the job while working at the lingerie giant. From honest feelings about customers to shocking encounters, follow along as these employees dish the dirt. They're not holding anything back in these surprising Victoria's Secret stories.

Customers can take things a little too far.

I work at Victoria's secret and one person lost their temper on me when he wanted me to try the lingerie on so he would know if it looked good on his girlfriend or not.

Crossing a line.

A man tried to get me to put on one of the bras on for him in the dressing room. I work at Victoria's Secret.

That's one way of doing it.

I work at Victoria's Secret. A man came in looking for a bra for his wife. I asked what size. He goes, "I don't know. Here are her nudes so you can guess her size."

How awkward.

I work at Victoria's Secret and a guy was hitting on me while shopping for a present to apologize to his girl...

This may be the worst part of the job.

I work at Victoria's Secret and if I never had to fold panties again it would be too soon

The mess is constant.

I work at Victoria's Secret. You ladies have no idea how many HOURS it takes to clean panty tables and literally seconds to destroy them. People don't know how to pick things up neatly.