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Girls Tell All: My Boyfriend Fat Shames Me
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There's only so much you can do.

My husband fat shames me,how do I stop this from continuing. I'm not overweight by choice,I eat right and exercise as I can with my hectic schedule. Why does he make me feel worse about my insecurities?

The nerve.

My husband fat shames me and he's bigger than I am!


My husband "fat" shames women with athletic builds in front of me... It has made me so self-conscious about my appearance that I've almost stopped eating altogether...

There's that.

I lost 80 pounds after my husband fat-shamed me relentlessly. Fat-shaming works. So does divorce.


My husband fat Shames me
He makes me step on the scales in front of him
He won't let me go on my own to my gp just in case it's to do with 
my weight ..

Not cool.

My boyfriend fat shames people so much it makes me so disappointed to be with or around him when he does it. I'm a size 18 and he does it to me A LOT and I hate him for it.