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Early Symptoms 101: I Knew I Was Pregnant Because--
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I couldn't figure out why my dog kept licking my stomache, and why he insisted to sleep curled against me instead of at my feet like normal...turns out he knew I was pregnant before I did.
My husband knew I was pregnant because I started eating foods I normally hated. It didn't even click with me.
3 weeks in I knew I was pregnant because my boobs HUUUUUURT. Like omg wearing a shirt is unbearable hurts.
I knew I was pregnant because my dog started following me like a shadow (and I was super tired)
my 1st pregnancy I knew I was pregnant because I noticed my boobs had been sore for over 3 weeks and they looked bigger. I also Peed 4x in a row. I never do that.
Was hightened sense of smell a first pregnancy symptom for any of you? I swear I smell rotten milk and nobody else smells it. It’s disgusting.