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Brides & Grooms Tell All: I'm Planning A Wedding But My Family Doesn't Approve
Planning your wedding can be stressful, but it's also usually a happy period of your life. For most people, they have the love and support of their families to help them get through it. Unfortunately for these people, they did not. These confessions reveal how these people dealt with their family being completely against their marriage altogether. It goes to show that every family is different and there is more than one way to handle something as heartbreaking as this.

You can't have it all.

I had to remind myself on my wedding day that it's not about my unsupportive family, it's about me. At least I am blessed to have a really supportive church family. That helps me.

The waiting game is real.

I've made it clear to my father already he can be supportive and accept my choice of groom or he can consider himself uninvited. I'm not sure what he will choose in the end....


My parents didn't approve of my husband and skipped our wedding. I wish I took it as a warning because we are divorcing now...


My dad tried to cancel my wedding, he called the venue pretending to be me. He didn't like my fiance and still doesn't. I cut him out of my life after that.


I had a secret wedding just because I couldn't bear to deal with my unsupportive family. They still have no idea it went down like that.

Drama is not on the menu for this wedding.

My family told me straight up they don't support the marriage, so we are going to New Zealand with just a few friends. That way we can have so much fun and no drama.