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17 Terrible Ways Men Responded To Pregnancy Scares
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Where's the trust?

After a pregnancy scare, my fiancé told me if I did get pregnant, he’d want a paternity test. He’s the only guy I’ve been with sexually. 😒


My ex dumped me because of a pregnancy scare, then ghosted me a week after taking him back. He used me. I was only good for one thing. Now I am really done.

That hurts.

It’s been 6 years since I was first told I would never bear children. I recently had a pregnancy scare and he told me I needed to get an abortion if I was, and it crushed me. Luckily I didn’t have to.


When I had a pregnancy scare, my ex told me straight to my face that he was going to hook up with other girls before being stuck with me.

Always learning something new.

I had a pregnancy scare and I told the guy what happened and he told me “nah, I know how to pull out” lmao.. never realized what an a-hole he is.

Good riddance.

Had a pregnancy scare before I took a test he told me to get a abortion! Was I wrong to break up with him?