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17 Shocking Purchases Employees Made On The Company Credit Card
A company credit card is a big step for any employee--it shows that the company you're working for trusts you to be responsible with their money. Sometimes though, that trust is misplaced and those expense reports may not be telling the whole truth. These employees prove that they can't always be trusted. Follow along as they fess up to the shocking things they've purchased on the company's dime. From lavish date nights to free gas money, these cards are paying for way more than business needs.

Abusing the company credit card isn't anything new.

I may have partied like a rock star on the company credit card last night. Unfortunately it's not the first time.

Same difference, right?

I take girls out on the company credit card and write it off as entertaining clients.

Can't believe that happened.

Waiting for my husband to come home so I can tell him I found his company credit card statement. I know about his affair & I want a divorce. Also telling him that he's being called into HR tomorrow for fraud.

That's a lot of money.

I haven't paid for gas for the last 3 years. It's on the company credit card. And they don't know how to organize receipts, so every year they just write them all off. I've saved over $15,000.00.

Serious or not, that's quite shocking.

My boss told me I should buy a girl a set of boobs and charge it to the company credit card. I've been working for this company for 3 days.

Hopefully they don't find out.

I used my company credit card for personal expenses which is against company policy. I am paying it but I still broke the rules.