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My BFF Didn't Come To My Wedding Because--
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I invited my best friend to my wedding she didn't even have the decency to tell me she couldn't come.
I miss my guy best friend BUT he couldn't comprehend that im a lesbian and will never be with him..last string when he didn't come to my wedding...i had it! i was always there and this is how it is!
I wish I had a best friend like you I lost mine because she can never be wrong or second best not even at one little thing, and she didn't come to my wedding 😢😢
I labeled myself a "lesbian" for most of my life, until I got married to my (male) best friend in September. My two other best friends (both lesbians) didn't come to my wedding. They still don't like me talking about him. Not judgmental? Right.
My best friend didn't come to my wedding because she had already committed to being a bridesmaid in another wedding. She was going to be the MOH in mine...
my best friend didn't come to my wedding because she "couldn't afford it" two days before my wedding she bought an iPhone 6. now she says she misses me. I wouldn't be upset if we stopped talking