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What's The Weirdest Question You Were Asked Leading Up To Your Wedding?
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The best man's girlfriend demanded that there not be any peppers in the meal, that there be rosé wine and that she would not be sat on a table with one of the uncles
If my mom's new boyfriend could bring like 6 friends to the wedding because it was his culture. I hadn't even met the guy and he wants to bring his posse? No. Got called a bridezilla.
I guess for me it was if my dad's coworker could bring his niece who was visiting from Poland. We said yes!
My fiancé asked if we could just get Little Cesar's for the reception.
What's the weirdest question you were asked leading up to your wedding?

My friend asked if his dog could be a plus one.
Well this isn't something someone asked but my mother in law tried to come on our honeymoon 😐