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These Confessions About Straight Men Doing Drag Will Surprise You
When most people think of drag queens, they associate the term with gay men. Although this is the norm, many folks overlook the fact that straight men do drag too and they are out there doing their thing as well! These confessions are from straight men killing it in drag as well as the people in their lives witnessing the magic. You may learn a thing or two from their stories.

What makes anyone a real drag queen anyway?

I’m a straight drag queen and people say that I’m not a real drag queen but just a guy in a dress

Werk it.

My boyfriend is straight and he loves being a drag queen

Shots fired.

You can be a straight drag queen. I am. Unfortunately for me I can't get a girlfriend because they're all intimidated since I'm prettier than them.

Taking it to a whole new level.

I'm a straight guy who does drag. I've had surgery to boost my career!

It's an art form.

Being a straight Drag Queen seems to be the most confusing thing to people. They don't understand that it's my way of expressing another side of me.


I love doing drag and I'm a straight man. No, it doesn't make me gay. It makes me fabulous.