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17 Dumb Things Couples Do When They Make Each Other Angry
No relationship is perfect and there are always ups and downs. Sometimes though, making your partner angry can push them to do some shockingly dumb things. These 17 couples show just that as people talk about the things they do to get back at their significant other when they're angry. From the gross to the petty, read on as these individuals come clean about what they do to their partners.

Anger makes you do shocking things.

When my bf makes me mad I dip his toothbrush in the toilet. He has never found out.

Suffer in silence.

I'm lactose intolerant and when my boyfriend makes me mad I purposely consume large amounts of dairy so I stink and he leaves me alone.

Not cool.

When my girlfriend pisses me off I wait until she's asleep and slap her in the face and act like I'm moving in my sleep.

Whatever it takes.

Sometimes when my boyfriend pisses me off or is being stupid I block his number and block him on Instagram for a bit. I can be 
petty I guess, oh well.

Feels good.

When my boyfriend makes me mad, I watch Game of Thrones without him. Then when he gets home the TV is playing a season ahead and I just refuse to explain anything. Juvenile, but satisfying.

Such a tease.

Sometimes when my boyfriend pisses me off
I turn him on right before bed then I roll over and go to sleep