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20 Totally Weird Things Guys Love About Their Girlfriends
Everyone has their quirks that make them an individual. And while you may think others wouldn't understand or even appreciate them, you'd be surprised. These 19 men are opening up about the secretly weird things that they love about their girlfriends. Find out the strange things you do that make them smile in the following confessions.

There are people out there who do appreciate your weird quirks.

I'm a man and I love when my girlfriend does my makeup. Not because I love makeup but because of how happy it makes her.

Who doesn't like feeling silky smooth?

I secretly love when my girlfriend shaves my body

"Fishtail please!

I love when my girlfriend braids my hair


When your girlfriend is super gassy and keeps farting, but you don't mind because you secretly love the smell...

Never underestimate a good pedicure.

Love when my girlfriend comes to visit me at work in sandals I love her feet 😍😍😍

Some people love promiscuity.

Secretly I love it when my girlfriend sleeps with other women.