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15 Times Honeymoons Turned Into Complete Fails
After the wedding, every newlywed couple looks forward to a honeymoon at some romantic destination far, far away. However, things don't always go according to plan, as these people show. 15 husbands and wives reveal the major fails that went down during what was supposed to be a romantic getaway. From days spent vomiting to cheating spouses, what went down on during these honeymoons will shock you.

Honeymoons can be a total disaster.

My honeymoon sucked. I got sick the first day, threw up in the middle of the night and was fine after. Hubby got sick the next day with the same bug. We managed to have sex one time before we went home.


On my honeymoon, my wife almost let me drown because she thought it was funny.

Keeping the romance alive.

On my honeymoon... and my husband just puked in a garbage can and passed out. 
So romantic.


I was in the middle of having sex with my husband on our honeymoon and my mother-in-law decided to "check in" on us. My husband looked her in the eyes in the most serious way as she exited.

Definitely not the way you'd expect a honeymoon to turn out.

My soon to be ex-wife is currently on our honeymoon trip with another man.

No kidding.

My in-laws went with me on my honeymoon. The marriage didn't last long lol